About Us

Who we are

Ocean Crossing is a non-profitable organisation registered in England and Wales with charity number 1127923.

Our Charitable objectives include providing functional skills learning for young people and adults,  creating early awareness for parents about children with particular needs; such as autism, behavioural problems or non-physical disabilities that parents may not identify.

Other activities

Support parental networking for special needs children and outreach, distribution of clothing and educational materials in Luton and surrounding, and Sierra Leone in West Africa.

Charitable objectives

  • the advancement of education among children, young people and their families by lectures; publishing educational materials, hands-on training; providing and extracurricular within Luton & surrounding areas.
  • Provision of advice, information and assistance in health, education, training, apprenticeship for employment, housing, sensitise farming and breeding for persons in the UK & Africa.
  • Provision of relief materials for sick-poor children living in Africa either generally or individually through grants, goods or services.

Area of benefit

As outlined in its governing document, the charity’s area is Luton & surrounding areas & Africa in general.

All profit made via our functional skills training will be used as funding for the charity objectives.

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